Anticipate, interpret and address the technical and regulatory needs of the seasoning industry. Advocate on behalf of the members to shape and guide regulatory actions.  Maintain singular focus on the blended the seasoning industry.  Encourage the exchange of technical and regulatory expertise among industry peers.  Promote safety, quality and wholesomeness of seasonings and their components.

GOAL 1 - To improve the quality and wholesomeness of imported spices

  • Action Plan:

    • Work with the American Spice Trade Association to:

    • Promote the continued improvement in quality and wholesomeness of incoming spice.

    • Address issues involved in imported ground spices.  

GOAL 2 - Anticipate, interpret and address regulatory issues that affect our industry, our customers, their facilities, or their products.

  • Action Plan:

    • Food and Ingredient Labeling– encourage harmonization between FDA and FSIS label requirements.

    • Bio-terrorism– address issues with FDA and FSIS.

    • GMO’s– address labeling policy with FDA and FSIS.

    • Allergens– address changes to processing/labeling to provide full disclosure of known food allergens.

    • Guiding Principles of Standards– encourage FDA and FSIS to publish a final rule.

    • Codex Alimentarius – monitor changes in standards for implications to U.S. products and food standards.

    • Current Government Liaison– maintain present liaison level.

    • Government Policies– comment on dockets and share viewpoints with agency officials on the practical implications of changes to policies on label approval, proprietary mixtures, or food ingredient petitions and notifications affecting our members.

    • Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011– continue to provide guidance and advice to FDA on regulation policy that implement this Act to assure that new regulations are viable and workable both domestic and foreign.